Overview of SOK Pens

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Overview of SOK Pens

The SOK Pen is among the many luxury pens available in vapinger.com Fountain pen collectibles. I have already been really fond of this pen as it was given to me as something special in November 2021. It is extremely pretty and attractive. One consider it will tell you it really is expensive. Actually it’s not, it is a cheap fountain pen created by Waterman.

There are a great number of brands in the market today, but they all are just copies of the initial SOK Pen Company. If you buy original SOK Pens you get top quality materials and craftsmanship. A well-crafted pen is an art piece alone. SOK uses Japanese lacquer to make its pens. The color is near black and the text is legible.

The construction of this pen is easy yet elegant. It comes with an open clip towards the end where in fact the ink is contained. The cap is secured using a lever that looks like a bottle. The reservoir sits under the cap and holds a flexible material.

The body of the pen is contoured in order that it fits the hand well. The grip, or the cap, is comfortable for holding. There is a lip round the nib that protects it from damage. If you drop your pen, the SOK can easily absorb the impact without the damage.

In my opinion, the nib is the most significant part of this pen. You cannot write with out a nib and you also certainly cannot call yourself a pen collector if you do not own a SOK Pen. There is no other pen that has this type of lovely writing sample. The nib glides across the paper effortlessly and you can find so many different nibs to choose from, I could never fail with my selection.

SOK has its own collection of designs. They range from traditional to modern and everything in between. They have even a kids line for those parents who love their children’s writing. The designs of the various pens are so diverse, there’s bound to be a design for everyone. The best thing about these pens is they come with a travel case.

The cost of the SOK Pen seems just a little on the high side. $50 is probably not a lot of money to spend on a pen, but it will be a lot of money to invest on a pen that looks so ugly. It really is made out of metal that’s very smooth. The case is manufactured out of your same metal and also includes a carrying case. So, while the looks may be on the cheap side, it does have a charm all its own.

I would suggest this pan to anyone searching for a great pen. While it might be a little on the pricey side, it really is well worth the cost. My only real advice for you is to have a look at what SOK has to offer and see if you need to get your hands on one.

The SOK Pen appears like it was made to last. Once you hold it in your hand, it feels great in your hands. The weight is perfect for writing or typing and the cap is quite sturdy so your pet will undoubtedly be safe and secure. The entire build quality of the pen is fantastic. It looks like it was built by way of a professional too.

I love what sort of smok color goes on the pen. It gives it a lighter look than other pens. It certainly doesn’t look like the smok is even there. There aren’t any real flaws that I saw with this pen. It can feel nice when you write with it.

In the box, there were three nibs with it. That is plenty for anyone it doesn’t like writing with a big ball point pen. The pen also has a converter which you can use with almost any pen. So, whether you are writing with an everyday, weekly, or monthly planner, or just writing out notes, you need to use the converter to write neat looking business cards, thank you notes, and everything else you will need.

So, if you’re after a new daily writing or pencil, you may want to consider a SOK Pen. They have some great pens and they are very durable. If you are looking for something that looks great and writes great, you need to consider these smok pens. You can find them at any stationery store or check your favorite internet site for a primary link to them. So, take your time, shop around, and do some price comparison, and I’m sure you’ll find a great pen for yourself!